Advantages of Licensing

    Advantages of licensing include brand recognition, trademark protection and
    enhanced credibility. Licensing helps a business to increase its market share
    through enhanced awareness. It promotes the business's position in the
    market. Licensing also generates revenues for the government.

    A license is a license is fundamental to business as it provides a company
    with a competitive advantage. Following a widespread influx of generic and
    counterfeit products, consumers are comfortable dealing with licensed brands.
    Licensing builds and enhances the brand image to a larger market and acts
    as a form of advertisement that aids in creating the brand's awareness in the

    Licensed manufacturers provide some level of assurance that consumers
    obtain authorized and not illegal products. Manufacturers also benefit from the
    licensing authority's promotional and advertising programs to support the
    trademark. This helps to generate more revenues for manufacturers and
    retailers through the sale of authorized products to a wider market.

    Hollywood Elements

    Hollywood Elements are those aural or visual aspects of Hollywood which
    uniquely identifies a facility as being an authentic Hollywood Licensee,
    including but not limited to:

  • Use of distinctive exterior and interior designs, layouts, concepts, decor,
    film and entertainment related memorabilia and icons and staff
  • Processes for training employees in all customer service and interface
  • Electronic visual and audio aspects including but not limited to film and
    entertainment video selection:
  • Advertising and marketing standards for the uses and presentation of
    the Licensed Marks, including such usage in connection with media
    events, television, radio and print, and coordination of public relations
  • Distinctive furniture, distinctive carpeting, decorative mill work,
    decorative lighting, acoustics, graphics, signage and audio visual
  • Food and Beverage selection:
  • Any other use of display of the Licensed Marks.
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