Hollywood East

    The Hollywood East organization is dedicated to promoting the country's
    traditional life style enhanced by modern technology to include movies, art,
    local talents and entertainments.

    To achieve the foregoing goal, the infrastructure to be established are as

    1. Hollywood East Chamber of Commerce with affiliation with Hollywood
    Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, Ca

    2. Hollywood East Film Equity & Finance Fund

    3. Hollywood East Motion Picture Production Inc.

    4. Hollywood East Studios

    5. Hollywood East Film Festival

    6. Hollywood East University

    7. Hollywood East Arts Council

Hollywood Licensing

    Catagories are divided into three major headings

  • Hollywood

  • Walk of Fame

  • Merchandising

    Then from there you derive sub the categories.

    Hollywood East Chamber of Commerce

    The soon to be opened Hollywood East Chamber of Commerce is to promote
    and enhance the business, cultural and civic well being of our members:

    Top Reasons to Invest in the Hollywood East Chamber of Commerce

    The Hollywood East Chamber of Commerce will become the most proactive
    and largest chamber is Asia. Our members will range from small businesses
    to major studios and tourism companies. The Hollywood East Chamber will
    serve as an advocate for our members, representing the interests of
    businesses and residents. We are proud to have secured the rights to two
    world renowned icons. The Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood "Walk of Fame".
    Here are the Top Reasons to Invest in the Hollywood East Chamber.

    1. Economic Development
           Promote growth and investment

    2. Networking
           Create new opportunities to make new contacts to help your business

    3. Promotion and Publicity
           Guide you to reach thousands of potential clients through member
    exclusive advertising.

    4. Tourism Department
           Capitalize on marketing and exposure for Hollywood's vital tourism and
    hospitality businesses.

    5. Information
           Identify resources to keep you informed about issues impacting your ability
    to do business.

    6, Discounts
           Present savings on products and services useful to your business

    7. Referrals
           Introduce new business referral program exclusively for Chamber

    8. Community Involvement
           Assist the communinity and help create a better place to live, work & play.

    9. Credibility
           Affiliation with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, Ca.

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