• The mission of the HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce is to represent the
    common interest of cultural organizations in the private sector with a strong
    commitment in promoting the sustainable development of cultural industries
    while improving economic growth with quality of life.

  • The HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce would be a service-oriented,
    professional and influential chamber of commerce with an international outlook

  • Members will be businesses, organizations and individuals concerned with the
    socioeconomic climate of Entertainment, the Arts & Culture world-wide

  • Enterprise members will be a wide array of industries including culture & art,
    journalism, publishing, radio, television, film, transmission of cultural information,
    cultural creativity & design, cultural entertainment and cultural investment

  • The Chamber will promote these industries through numerous activities, such a
    HollywoodEast Business Expo, HollywoodEast Awards Ceremony to recognize
    local talent, Networking Events, etc. and to give a voice to the interests of the
    members of the Chamber with organizations across different platforms.

  • The Chamber will create a Foundation that will support and advance the
    educational, cultural and economic interest of the community by raising funds and
    issuing grants to qualifying organizations and/or individuals.
Member Profile (Businesses)

    Art Institutes/Colleges/Universities
    Film & Video
    Modeling & Fashion
    Musical Instrument Manufacturers
Member Profile (Individuals)

    Academy Students
    Local Talent
    National/International Celebrities
    SAG Members

Chamber of Commerce
International Cultural Exchange

    Cultural exchange programs will engage youth, students, educators, artists, athletes and rising leaders in the United
    States and other countries. In addition to exchange programs, HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce will also lead a
    variety of other initiatives that support cultural understanding by protecting cultural heritage across the globe and
    providing educational resources for people interested in learning about other cultures
Culture Industry Summit

    Against the backdrop of "Culture Going-Abroad" the HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce will build the bridge for
    promoting communication and cooperation between cultural enterprises world-wide through international cultural
    exchange. We will strive for an excellent cultural exchange environment to bolster the efforts of cultural industries to
    become increasingly international.
Member Benefits

    The HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce recognizes how important providing valuable benefits will be to our

    Throughout the year, informational seminars and programs addressing topical issues will provide valuable information
    to help grow businesses.

    A variety of events will be held to provide access to hundreds of new contacts. Networking events, luncheons, the annual
    HECC Business EXPO, informational seminars and more will build professional relationships, increase visibility for
    businesses and will add to business pool of potential clients.
Networking & Promoting Business

  • HollywoodEast Chamber of Commerce members and community leaders will receive monthly newsletters.
  • The Chamber's website will attract visitors each month from around the globe. The sits will list member information,
    links directly to member websites and offers exclusive advertising opportunities to members.
  • The HECC Business EXPO, monthly networking events, luncheons and other events will provide members the
    opportunity to build business relationships and gain valuable information.
  • Member-to-Member discounts will help members save on their bottom line.
Value Added Bonus to Businesses

  • Quarterly drawing for prizes at networking events
  • Promotion of businesses and Referral Programs
  • Participation in photo opportunities and testimonials
    HECC Annual Convention
    Opportunity to participate in the HECC Annual
    HECC Regional Conferences
    Booth space for exhibiting will be available at HECC
    Regional Conference as well as first choice of
    sponsorship opportunities
    HECC Website
    Listed on the HECC Website with the opportunity to
    include company logo, contact information.
    HECC Member Directory
    Listed in the HECC Member Directory on the HECC
    website which will be searchable by keyword, product
    category, company name and/or contact name
    HECC Magazine
    Listed in the HECC Magazine
    HECC Buyer's Guide
    Listed in the HECC Buyer's Guide. Opportunities for
    feature articles and up-and-coming products.
    HECC Collateral Materials
    Capability for involvement in our magazine and other
    collateral materials through sponsorships, feature
    articles and advertisement
    HECC Involvement
    Involvement through new sponsorship programs and
    speaking opportunities.
    Member to Member Discounts
    Host of discounts for members. Discounted booths
    at street fairs and events. Ability to offer a
    discount/perks to other members.
    Promotion and Brand Elevation
    Complimentary listing in on-line member directory.
    Ability to appear as a guest on weekly podcast. Ability
    to appear in "member spotlight" or "member news"
    sections of weekly emails to the HECC network.
    Ability to add events to community calendar
Involvement in a Growing and Unique Association
Mission Statement